Thursday, 28 February 2008

Home Alone!

Bangalore: killer city!

Safety of women in the city is going out of reach day by day

Tension for home alone ladies, murder, investigation, crime news in media with huge font have been growing to be a regular activity in silicon city.
“Subramani calling...” her mobile was ringing impatiently. Subramani was trying to call his wife Geetha however but at the result did not differ. Neither she picked the call nor did she call him back. Conceiving with the idea that she might have gone to her parents Subramani kept quite. But he was unaware that his expectation would go absolutely wrong.
She was Geetha, a 33-year-old housewife who was found strangled to death at her residence in Bangalore. Her gold ornaments were missing as were the jewelry s kept in the cupboard and Rs 9,000 cash. As her husband Subrahmani and kids were also ignorant of the fact that their mother had been killed, spent almost 4 hours playing in front of the house.
People say Bangalore is burning and to some extent it’s true. As Bangalore is becoming a terror hub, the people are getting tensed each and every day. With that the serial murders of home alone women, condition turn out to be even worse.
To the shock of Bangaloreans’ day after it happened again! Yet another home-alone woman found murdered in Bangalore. This time it was of Geethalakshmi Islur a forty years old lonely woman. She was an employee at a remand home. But as you think it was not a murder for currency and gold. Valuables in the house were untouched. As the investigations revealed her own family was involved in a civil dispute!
“It was not a murder for gain. The internal disputes with acquaintance resulted in murder. But we got clues about the killers involved in the murder, and you can expect them soon” said Bangalore South, DCP, S. Ravi to TSI.
Although this murder was not a ‘murder of gain’, it is an accepted fact that 90% of the women in the city are killed for gain! Last year Bangalore witnessed 48 women murders, 58 dowry deaths, 290 harassment cases and 62 rapes! No wonder city is big time on erroneous corridor.
“We have already taken several steps to provide safety to public and police’s are patrolling in every area of the city. ‘Hoysala’ patrol team also working hard for the safety of public” the DCP added.
But as the safety of women is going out of reach day by day the harassments, murders of home alone women are increasing at an enormous rate. The effectiveness of night patrolling has been questioned by the public as slaughters are getting their work done easily.
It is already proved Bangalore is not a safe ecstasy for women as it is developing into a most terrible city. Not only house wives even the BPO lady staff, college going girls are also becoming prey of the eve teasers and road Romeos. Bangalore records the highest number of dowry deaths in the state and unaccountable rape and eve banter. It is the time to ponder. If you still argue Bangalore is an out of harm's way city for women, you are wrong.
First it was Asha Krishnamurthy, strangled to death at her residence in Sheshadripuram on 2007 november 26th. Geetha was the 6th women got slaughted and Geethalakshmi was the 7th. In between 2007 november 26th to 21st february 2008, totally 7 home alone women murders have been taken place in the city.
The Police might have successfully caught some of the accused... But one question is left unanswered- Do those children get their Mothers back?

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