Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Behold Those Days.....

My friend Sunil (Now working in a TV channel) has created a Blog recently which attracted me a lot. It's really a surprising package from him to reunite those class mates, even I can say bench mates and the close ones like him. The main aim of the blog is to bring back those huge memories of college days, the funny things what all we did in those gorgeous days of Life.
The word 'memory' itself brings pleasant feeling to the mind, where one runs towards the place from where he can get flashbacks of his life. Now let me tell you the meaning of the word memory. Psychology says that Memory is a organisms ability to store, retain and subsequently retrieve the information.
Every one will have his own memory power and based on his mental power one can grasp anything deep earth. But as u know once we go back to the earlier days of life, truly it brings a light smile, a gesture of happiness, bit of cry and a slight angry too. Totally I can say that our body language will be completely different from the normal depending upon the flashback we go.
Now let me have a fast run towards flashbacks of my college days. Waaav!! I miss them a lot. I dont know whether they miss me or not. But I miss my close ones and some of my class mates, and not to forget my intimate lecturer's. Me now being alone, with no facial contacts with my friends, always tend to remember my college days, especially the final degree year, at the time I go to sleep. You see, with a free mind, its a nice time to have a journey towards the sweet heaven (so that you can get a wonderful sleep). Because the world will be sleeping (except the robbers, Lovers and some 'special' stupids) at that moment and you will be free from all the pressures, irritations, and your mind will be saying "cool man calm down, now let me to go somewhere else where you can get extra joy, happy which makes you breathe a sigh of relief". Yes, your mind says the right thing, and with no hesitation say yes to that. Yes!! your journey starts now. Take a cool breath, just start thinking your past sweet days which you spent with your friends, intimates, parents, relatives. Yes, you are entering into your own fascinating world of dreams (not excactly dreams but still we can say it as past memorable dreams). You are not aware of anything outside happenings and your body will be covered in a blanket!!
Its just a minute to take you to enter into the new world and there you will be blessed to see your same old friends talking to you, enjoying the greatest time with you and yourself being a part of whole enjoyment. See, here you can observe that in a day you will be moved into 3 dissimilar worlds. One is the world of reality, second is the world past memory and finally the world when you go to sleep. Here I can assure you that atleast 2 of them will give you bundle happiness, tremendous joys, package of relief ness and incredible delight and finally a kind of jubilation starts in your mind. I can also say it as a sort satisfaction.
Why Make A Journey To The Other Side Of The World When The World Has Come To You?"

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